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    Chippewa Middle School

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    Saturday, April 30

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    Chippewa Middle School

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    Order forms will be available at Photo Day, but now you can skip that manual process and order directly on our secure site.
    Please click this link to be taken to their secure Online Photo Registration system. Inside you'll find detailed instructions for how to use this simple and easy to navigate application.

    2016 Registration Update - April 10

    Registration for Instructional, Junior Minor, American, and Big Leagues are now closed.  

    Junior Minor (JM) is completely filled, and no additional players can be placed.

    16 year old VFW league, and 17-19 year old league, are currently open for registration.

    2016 Registration Information

    With the unseasonably warm weather we are having, how can you not think about baseball?  Shoreview Area Youth Baseball (SAYB) is pleased to announce registration for the 2016 baseball season is now open.   As you prepare to register your child, we want to inform you Little League International has revised the age determination date again for the 2016 baseball season.

    Up until two years ago, Little League used April 30th as the cutoff date to determine the age of the player.  For the 2015 baseball season, Little League changed the cutoff date to December 31st.  Now the new cutoff date for the 2016 baseball season is August 31st.

    One of the main reasons Little League revised the age determination date for the 2016 baseball season was based off the feedback from parents, coaches, and league administrators.  The December 31st date basically split the school year in half, which made it very difficult for all the children in the same grade to play in the same age group.  The new age determination date of August 31st aligns with the start date of most school districts and makes it easier for children and their friends in the same grade to play within the same age group. 

    How does this impact you and your family?  For players who are planning to play in the Big League (13-15 age groups), nothing changes.  SAYB is associated with MYAS for these age groups, and MYAS uses the April 30th cutoff date.  Players 16 and older are not impacted by the Little League dates, and registration for these leagues will open in February/March of 2016.

    Players born on or before May 1st, 2005, are grandfathered in to using the April 30th cutoff date for determining their age.  This allows these players to keep their full Little League eligibility.

    In an effort to keep as many friends and class mates together in the same age group, the SAYB Board has voted to bring back the option for players to “play-up” one year.  The exception to this rule is in the instructional league where the minimum age requirement is to be 6 years old on September 1st, 2016.        

    The following breakdown will assist you in determining what age group and league your child is eligible to register for: 

    • Instructional League (Ages 6-8): Players born 9/1/2007 – 8/31/2010.
    • Junior Minor League (Ages 9-10): Players born 5/1/2005 – 8/31/2008 (includes play-up dates).
    • Amer. & Nat. League (Ages 11-12): Players born 5/1/2003 – 8/31/2006 (includes play-up dates).
    • Big Leagues (Ages 13-15): Player's born 5/1/ 2000 - 4/30/2004 and meet residency requirements for eligibility.

    Latest News

    2016 Little League Umpiring

    By SAYB 03/28/2016, 10:30pm CDT

    The 2016 Umpire registration/training will be held at the Shoreview Community Center on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016, from 11:30 to 1:00 (returning umpires), and from 1:30 to 4 (new umpires).

    Read More

    2016 Big League Team Placement

    By SAYB 03/28/2016, 9:15pm CDT

    See PDF for Rosters

    This document contains the 2016 Big League Team roster placements for 13, 14 and 15 year olds. 

    2016 Registration Is Open

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    Photo Day - Little Leagues
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    • Chippewa Middle School
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    • Apr
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    Pitch, Hit & Run Skills Event
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    Pant Exchange
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    17-18-19 Year Old Tryouts
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    16 Year Old VFW Tryouts